About Beyond Tone

Over the past few years, we have witnessed an explosion of video content on popular sharing websites such as Facebook, YouTube, Vimeo. Not only do we have an exponential increase of video content compared to the recent past, but written content has not been shown to inspire the deaf community as much as it has with the mainstream population. Deaf people have been uploading and sharing more video content than any other group in the world. 

With the rapid expansion of video content, came new problems. One such problem was that there are too many different websites that supply video content. Deaf people often have to visit multiple websites in one sitting to watch videos delivered in sign language. Not only there are multiple websites to get video content, the content is delivered through different mediums and sometimes without any accessibility for deaf people. There is an increasing need for a one stop central hub for all video content delivered in sign language. 

Beyond Tone is the one stop site for all video signed content that we all have needed for years. Videos may be uploaded to other websites such as YouTube or Vimeo, but can be embedded into the central hub. All video content is organized into genres and users of this site will watch videos of their selected genre with just one tap or swipe. Any video on Beyond Tone can be shared on social media as well.

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